Technical Consulting


Some of the clients who have hired our IT Consultancy services.

What benefits does outsourcing a technical consultancy have?

We don’t believe in consultants who haven’t already been in charge of their own projects or who have never managed a project.
IT Consultancy is a solution that combines our team’s knowledge with your business experience and skills.

Centrologic offers you


We have IT Consultancy experience with a commercial and business overview. We’ll give you our opinion, looking for the most advantageous option for your business.


How many times have you needed to solve a technical problem? Clients call us whenever they don’t find a solution for their problems: “wild card call” or “panic button“.


We provide you with targets and project control tools (JIRA, Scrum, Kanban).

Time saving

The current computer experts of your firm can sustain protocols to adapt the current system to the market’s needs, introducing new programming technologies and saving time looking for a possible solution.


Recruiting and training of new computer experts. We hire the team for few months but they work in house at the clients’ firm. We do the same for the staff for grants.


We give high level training for your firm’s IT staff, who can even work in our office for a while, so they can make a career scheme, saving costs and help your firm take the technological leap.

Shall we meet to takl about your project?Our meetings are always productive