We like cultivating friendly relationships with our clients and taking part in quality projects.

About Centrologic

Centrologic was founded in 2005 with the idea of letting its clients handle everything related
to technology.

We´re specialized in teleworking, we can solve problems and programme remotely. We have clients in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Poland.

Nowadays, it isn´t easy to trust a technology company. We have more than 15 years of experience as ICT providers and we learn from the talent of the new promises in IT, web design and project management.

At Centrologic you´ll find a team of more than 10 dynamic and decisive professionals lead by a highly qualified and trained technical team with more than 15 years of experience.


Our technical team has a project view focused on our client’s success, working on each original project from start to development and finish

Juanmi Taboada

The orchestra conductor

The hacker. The star!
Click here if you want to get to know him.

Escarlata González Lindgren

The lead voice

Translator for clients and the computer experts.

Juan Soler

The rocker

A lightning bolt in any programming language.
He prefers to remain backstage.

Marian García Crespo

The lyrics of the songs

Changing colour, fonts, shape…
She creates on a white canvas.

Ángel Martín

Marking the rhythm

He keeps the projects going at a good pace.
And he types faster whenever he’s making a meme…


Lucía González

The harmony

She keeps us updated counting notes in the stave.

Roberto Becerra

The Cuban 'Son'

Code without borders, coding people understand each other.


This firm relies on the stockholders and with a network of more than 10 people.

We invest in students, entrepreneurs, researchers and people who are capable. If you´d like to take part of our band, bring your lyrics and sing us your song.

We´re waiting for you.

Email: info@centrologic.com – Phone: 603 586 417

We will wait for you

Training and conferences

In our commitment to programming languages, we like sharing our knowledge. We give training on Big Data, Cassandra, Angular Js, Linux, Python, Django and IT cybersecurity.

We also offer training for business on WordPress (CMS), MailChimp (sending emailing) and social networks.

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