Finally we got the name we were looking for our program and the legend of the “Chicken Man” is finished. Our old programs named Grafista and iScada changed definitely the name to “Likindoy”.

“Al likindoy” means to watch something, to take care of something, to have a look. “Al likindoy” means to be in that status (being watching something). For example you leave your car in a parking and there is a guy that take care
of cars, so you say to him to be “Al likindoy” of your car. You are in the office and you are waiting for some client but doesn’t come on time and you need to go out of the office for 2 minutes, you say some other worker to be “Al likindoy” if the client comes.

This word come from ports in Cádiz and Málaga, it is a words that only people from Cádiz and Málaga knows. In the past ships were coming to these ports and many english people were coming and saying to workers in the port “Look and do it”, what means, have a look to my ship and move it if it is necesary, from it comes “likindoy” and from it to be “Al likindoy”.

So for this reason we liked this word, because represents what our program does, it checks status of all the industrial system and takes decisions over it.

It is possible to find more information about Likindoy Opensource Project click here.

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