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Also we keep working in Likindoy, right now the project moved quite forward and started working on new targets:

  • All the projects has been re-shaped to become more easy to expand and contribute.
  • We included a new set of commands and support for users and profiles per user to make all configuration more scalable.
  • All the project moved to Bazaar Version Control System.
  • The library MODBUS_TCP was upgraded for a newer version 600 times faster.
  • Also we published the results of the non-finished project Likindoy-RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) over Advantech ADAM 5510.

And now we are in two parallel projects:

1. Protocol for Web based HMI:  exactly as its names says, we are working on designing a new protocol specifically for Web Based HMI Systems (Web Based Scada System).Four people are part of this: Michael Griffin (USA), Juan José Denís (Spain), Matheus Ledesma (USA) and Juan Miguel Taboada (Spain), and you are welcome to join us.You can find more information in Likindoy’s Wiki.

2. Likindoy-RTU: after getting very disapointed with the hardware ADAM 5510 from Advantech, we decided to start a new development based on that work but able to work in any kind of computer that can use Python. Likindoy-RTU intend to be a complete RTU System able to comunicate with differents DAQ (Data Adquisicion Hardware) like Advantech ADAM 5000 TCP, Scheneider Momentum, the /proc filesystem of Linux, direct data transfer from normal websites and any kind of protocol based on MODBUS-TCP or that can use the basis of Likindoy-RTU’s DATAIO (Data Input/Output) System.

The system is already finished on 60% and right now we are working exactly on redesign old DATAIO’s libraries to get them all full compatible with Likindoy-RTU philosophy. Alerts/Events/Alarm system has been included in it, you will be able to design your own Python program that will process all signals straight with the selected DAQ, it allows comunication over Ethernet (already working) and GPRS (on testing right now) and it is also able to share its status with external programs compatible with SQLite Database System. Also is able to register data in files for later processing and this process is compatible with Likindoy-HTR (availale in unstable-juanmi version of Likindoy).

Visit Likindoy’s website for extended information about this magic project.

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