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We are official providers for G Suite & Google Cloud

Do you have problems to receive emails?;receive emails?

Your company in the Cloud: Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs and much more

If your e-mails aren’t delivered or you don’t sometimes receive e-mails correctly, G Suite ends these problems.

We make you a 10% discount on the official Google price and we also include the migration from your e-mail without losing any of your e-mails.

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Google Suite advantages

Business electronic mail and much more

Get your personalized e-mail account (@yourcompany.com), uninterrupted assistance, 30 GB storage and much more. You will be able to see your mails on Gmail or on the external email provider you use: Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Freedom to work from anywhere

Your mail will be accessible in the Cloud and from any mobile phone, tablet and PC device.

Freely create, edit and share files on the fly.

Corporate control and security

We take charge of migrating all your emails without losing any information.

Administrate corporate devices and data with the tools that provide the control you need.

G Suite includes Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs

Corporate electronic mail addresses (name@yourcompanyname.com).
Video calls and voice calls.
Online integrated calendars.
30 GB online storage to synchronize and share files.
Online presentations, text documents and spreadsheets.
Creating project sites easily.
Administration and security controls.
Uninterrupted assistance by phone or e-mail.
Microsoft Outlook and other e-mail compatible clients.
Warranty of 99,9% activity time and 0% scheduled inactivity time.
Automatic backups, Spam protection and security measures which help protect the corporate data.

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