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Codenerix is an Open Source framework developed on Django that extremely simplifies code and streamlines tasks.

You will have more spare time to have a beer with us!

How is a project structured?

Public website

Front end

The image you project out.

In order to communicate an idea, to sell, to inform and to transmit to the users your mark it is necessary to create a coherent Design.

The layout is written in web format and compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.) is the Web Layout (HTML and CSS).

Management program

Back end

We are computer engineers. We have developed our own programming framework.

In a single Software we integrate the data of all the programs that your company needs: ERP, CRM, CMS (WordPress), Microsoft (Excel), Accounting programs, Online shop (Prestashop), Statistics, etc.

We give coherence and functionality to the management and administration of your company.

Modernize your business and sell wisely

Increase the performance of your company in a simple and safe way, with Codenerix

Fast, Safe, Versatile

Save costs and optimize your time

It makes you competitive

We adapt to you

Choose the modules you need for your project, you can build it independently.

Module 1. Users: roles and permissions.

Our management software allows us to create users and roles appropriate to the operation of the company; Being able to filter the information of the view for each section. From the workers or commercial to the administrator view.

There are as many possibilities to organize user profiles as needs have the company.


Example of CRM screen

Module 2. Product Management.

Generate the catalog of products that best suits your company.

Flexibility and scalability to organize and filter them according to their characteristics.

This product management will be compatible with any tool that your company needs, from an excel program to the management of the shipments through a courier company.


Home Ticket Sale Panel

Module 3. CRM: Customers and Suppliers.

It manages the data of the suppliers, we integrate tools or software necessary to synchronize with the exit and arrival of products.

You can organize the products by suppliers, as well as integrate the tools you need to improve the reception and administration of the service.

With this module you can manage and organize everything related to customers, the design of your private area, and how they will see the information.

In addition you can have histories with views and statistics of the flow of clients, etc.


Module 4. Sales and Orders.

With this module you will control all sales and order information.

The reservation, the prepayment, as well as all the states that you consider necessary to offer you a better service to the client.

If you want, you can create sales statements, orders, etc.

Module 5. Billing.

If you have an e-commerce, or if you need to manage the purchase / sale of products, with our software you will be able to control all the details of the invoicing process, as well as have historical information where information is stored, statistics view and other data of interest .

Module 6. Stock and Warehouses.

With this module you can manage and organize everything related to customers, the design of your private area, and how they will see the information.

In addition you can have histories with views and statistics of the flow of clients, etc.

Module 7. Transport.

With this module you can process the shipment of the products to your customers, we can integrate messaging modules of companies like MRW, SEUR, Correos, etc. And have control of the state of transportation.

You can control the journey of the product from the time it leaves the warehouse until it reaches its destination, passing through its route.

If you wish you can create travel statuses, etc.

Module 8. Ecommerce. Payment Module, POS.

Online sales system, adaptable to any type of product and business.

We can integrate the payment gateway of your online business directly with your Bank.

We also develop integrations with Redsys, Paypal, etc.

If you need an international payment system that is compatible with banks around the world, we offer a special service with the international payment gateway Adyen.

Contact us for personalized rates with this tool here.

Module 9. Reports.

Statistics of your data, we help you to improve the organization of the information.

Module 10. Calendar.

Through our agenda you can organize and control the operation of your company, customer loyalty, etc.

The design can be tailor made, with the features that most favor the productivity of your company.


View of the Calendar / Calendar of Plus Ultra

Module 11. OCR Document Management.

Document manager for the entry and exit of documentation of any company.

Projects, plans, files, etc.


Module 12. Multi-language.

Adding different languages to your website can be essential for your business. With our framework we can add the languages you need to achieve a greater reach.

We can design and develop a great project from scratch in less than 4 weeks

Thanks to our software Codenerix your company will be able to run more efficiently and see things that you did not see, analyze, make decisions, optimize time, save costs and increase turnover.

If you already have tools or management programs, you can integrate it as a module to our Codenerix system, which works with the latest technology trends.

Its advantages are compatibility, flexibility and scalability.

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