What have we done

what have we done

Centrologic Computational Logistics Center has existed for several years now. During this time we have managed to use our extensive knowledge and skill set to complete many projects in many different fields of the IT industry.


What can we do

what have we done

We currently have experts in various fields of information technology and graphic design. We offer solutions in design, networking, teaching, software and much more! Read more to see if we can help you!


About us

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Our mission

Centrologic is prepared to offer you multiple transparent, credible and stable computer solutions, today! You will have access to specialists in many IT and web related fields which will help you to avoid possible problems with the development of your project.

What we offer

Personal Attention: Only one dedicated person will be your point of contact and manage your project in a totally personalized way. This provides you with a personal comfort level and allows us to adapt to your necessities.

Tele-assistance: Computational Logistics Center was created because of the vast need for tele-assistance and remote services for companies. Our knowledge and skills have made us experts in this area.


our product

Make safe the information stored in your servers against stealers of your physical server.


They are 100% profesionals without any doubts

J.F. Valentín
OD Graphic Studio